A swiveling wheel with a lock device secured to the base for the purpose of making a scaffold mobile.

Chronic Health Effects
Chronic health effects are those which occur gradually over a long period of time following repeated and prolonged exposure to relatively low levels or concentrations of a hazardous substance. In some cases, a short term exposure may result in a chronic health effect.

Clinical Waste
Waste arising from medical, dental, pharmaceutical or similar sources, which may present risks of infection.

Control of Major Accident Hazards.

Commercial Waste
Waste arising from premises used wholly or mainly for trade, business, sport, recreation or entertainment, excluding municipal and industrial waste.

The ability to perform a particular job in compliance with performance standards. Will usually require the necessary blend of skills, training and experience.

Having adequate and sufficient training or experience (or a combination of both) to be capable of carrying out a task safely and efficiently.

Competent Person
Someone with the specialist knowledge, training, experience and abilities to carry out defined work.

An aerobic, biological process in which organic wastes, such as kitchen or agricultural waste, are converted into a stable granular material which can be applied to land to improve soil structure and enrich nutrient content.

Confined Space:
A confined space means a space of any volume which is not designed for continuous occupancy of humans, has limited or restricted means for entry and exit & is large enough for any person to bodily enter it and perform assigned work.

Trenches deeper than 1.2 meters are also considered as confined spaces.

Adverse effects or harm which cause the quality of human health or the environment to be impaired.

The introduction or occurrence of any biological or chemical agent, foreign matter, or other substances not intentionally added to food which may compromise food safety or suitability.

Continual Improvement
Year-on-year enhancement of overall HSE performance, not necessarily in all areas of activity, resulting from continuous efforts to improve.

A fitting used to fix scaffold tubes together.  Couplers are divided into load bearing or non-load bearing.

Control Measure
A measure taken to reduce exposure to a Substance Hazardous to Health.

Controlled Area
A defined area in which exposure to HSE risks is under the supervision of an Authorised Person.

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