Job Safety Analysis

A process of formal identification, recording and assessment of the
risks involved in any particular operation so that appropriate controls
can be introduced.


Hazard - Anything which has the potential to cause harm
to people, damage to property, environment or company reputation.

How to prepare a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

The basic steps involved in preparing a JSA are:

1. Understand the job

2. Break Job Down into Steps (Sequence)

3. Identify Potential Hazards

4. Identify & Develop Control Measures

5. Identify the person responsible

Difference between Job Safety Analysis & Risk Assessment

The only difference between JSA & the normal RA is that in the JSA there is no risk rating/classification system that allow you to compare risk to another so as to set priorities.

Attached the American Version of a JSA (they called it JHA)

For further details on JSA you can undertake our online Job Safety Analysis training program which will help you in preparing JSA's for your workplace with practical examples.

To enter the online JSA Training course click on the link below:

Job Safety Analysis

DOWNLOAD FREE !!! Generic Job safety Analysis

The following list contains generic JSAs for a number of construction activities. You can download these generic JSA samples by clicking on the links given below

Generic JSA for  Blinding & De-Blinding

Generic JSA for Removal & Fixing of Insulation

Generic JSA Gas pipe road crossing

Generic JSA Grinding, Welding and Gas Cutting

Generic JSA Grit Blasting

Generic JSA Heat Exchanger Inspection & High Pressure Water Cleaning

Generic JSA Internal Inspection & Refractory Repair of Furnaces

Generic JSA Nitrogen Purging

Generic JSA Non Destructive Testing

Generic JSA Scaffolding

Generic JSA Rigging and Lifting activities 

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