The ASHES downloads section provides access to free downloads. You can also upload documents which you would like to share with your friends or colleagues. Simply upload the document & send an email to your friends. They can visit the ASHES downloads page & download the required document.


The downloads currently available at ASHES are listed below:

Aircraft Safety

Award winning safety pictures

Do not follow the signs

Funny Safety Pictures

Use Safety Goggles


Safety Bloopers

Safety Moments

Safety at work video


Traffic safety bloopers

Vehicle Safety

Where is my dozer

Wife and husband

Workplace safety competition

Funny Working Safely

If you would like to add a funny safety picture or story, please send it to the following address:
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ASHES online HSE library has been developed to provide free & priced HSE material. You will be able to access & download free material which you can  use in your workplace. The material currently available for download includes:
Risk Assessments
Job Safety Analysis
Safety Signs & Posters
HSE Forms & Formats
Tool Box Talks
Pre-Task Checks
Safety Presentations
Sample HSE Plans
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