Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a formal process of identification of hazards
related to an activity, assessing the level of risk associated
with the hazards & proposing adequate controls to reduce the
level of risk.


Hazard - Anything which has the potential to cause harm to
people, damage to property, environment or company reputation.

Risk - is the likelihood that a given level of harm from a
particular hazard will be realized. The magnitude of risk is
determined by the product of the likelihood and the severity
of the outcome.

Mathematically Risk = Severity X Likelihood

Likelihood - is the description of how often an event will occur and is usually based on historical data and statistics or sound engineering judgment.

Severity  - is a description of how bad and how severe the event might be.

ALARP - As low as reasonably practicable. Is when it can be demonstrated that there would be a gross disproportion between the cost of preventive or protective control measures, and the reduction in risk they would achieve.

Steps to Risk Assessment

The basic steps involved in Risk Assessment are:

1. Enlist the activities
2. Identify the hazards for each activity
3. Assess the level of the risk
4. Propose control measures

For further details on Risk Assessment you can undertake our online Risk Assessment training program which will help you in preparing Risk Assessments for your workplace with practical examples.

To enter the online Risk Assessment Training course click on the link below:

Risk Assessment Training

Risk Assessment Matrix

A Risk Assessment Matrix is used to assess the level of risk associated with a hazard or activity. There are two types of risk assessment matrices used commonly:

a) Semi Qaulitative Matrix
b) Quantitative Matrix

For further information on Risk assessment, click on the link below to undertake the Risk Assessment training

Risk Assesssment Training

FREE Risk Assessment Examples

The following list contains generic risk assessments for a number of construction activities. You can download these generic risk assessment sample by clicking on the links given below

Generic Risk Assessment for Driving
Generic Risk Assessment for Office Activities
Generic Risk Assessment for Pipeline Tie-in
Generic Risk Assessment for Portable Nuclear Devices
Generic Risk Assessment for Working at height
Generic Risk Assessment for Lifting Activities
Generic Risk Assessment for Welding
Generic Risk Assessment for Road works
Generic Risk Assessment for Transportation

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