Safety Signs & Posters

There is a very famous saying "A picture speaks a thousand words". Safety signs & posters serve as a very important source of information for the workers. Displaying signs and poster at your workplace can increase safety awareness among your workers and also help in reducing incidents. ASHES provides a collection of over a thousand safety signs & poster in different languages which can help in improving safety awareness among your workers.


Safety signs warn us of hazards, indicate danger and source of danger, convey Safety information, give instructions, and provide a source of education for the workers. Safety signs are divided into the following types:

Prohibition signs
Warning signs
Mandatory Signs
Safe condition signs
Fire signs

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Safety Signs & Posters

Download Free Safety Signs
The following library provides you different safety signs in image & PDF formats. They are very easy to use. Simply download them to you computer, print & laminate them and post them in your workplace.

Traffic signs & Signals
Electrical signs
Environmental Signs
Safe condition signs
Fire signs
Health & hygiene signs
Hazardous material signs
Mandatory PPE signs
Other signs

Safety Awareness Posters

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