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Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are basic Means of safety communication to work force.
Through TBTs you can:

   Educate for the workers
   Promote safety awareness
   Develop a safe work strategy

When are Toolbox Talks Conducted

Tool box talks are conducted before the start of work activities every shift

Customize the TBTs

Here are some easy to prepare toolbox talks. You can change the format to your liking, just put your company logo in them and they are ready for use. They are in MS Word format so they can be easily edited and customized to your project specific requirements.


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Hearing Protection
Foot Protection
Head Protection
Manual Handling
Hand And Finger Protection
Heat Stress/Working In The Heat
Mechanical Ventilation
Eye Protection
Workplace Hazardous Substances
Electrical Safety
Respiratory Protection
Welding Equipment Safety
Removal of Paint/Working with Coated Surfaces
Safe Working From Ladders
Lifting Equipment Safety
Working At Heights
Storage & Handling of Dangerous Goods
Workplace Lighting
Material Safety Data Sheets
Hazards in the Workplace
Incident Accident and Reporting of  Near Misses